About Dr. Khan

Dr. Faiz Khan MD and Advanced Medicine

Dr. Faiz Khan MD hails from a family steeped in the academic medical tradition. His parents were both accomplished physician leaders and professors in New York.  Dr. Khan immigrated to this country from India with his parents when less than a year old.  After finishing high school in Long Island NY, Dr. Khan was selected into an accelerated combined bachelors / MD program at Union College/Albany Medical School; such programs recognized special aptitude at the high school level and the selected students were tasked to finish undergraduate studies in 3 years, and then  were accepted into medical school without having to take entrance exams.

After graduating medical school, Dr. Khan was accepted into an accelerated double- board residency in internal medicine and emergency medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Long Island Jewish Medical Center.   At the time, there were twenty spots for such programs in the nation; the rigorous training accomplished board certification in two of the broadest specialties of medicine in five years, whereas the usual duration for such board certification took between six to seven years.  

Dr. Khan practiced both internal medicine and emergency medicine early on in his career.  He attained various accomplishments within the world of clinical academic medicine; He served as the associate residency director for the five-year dual board program through which he trained. He also served as assistant residency director of emergency medicine, internal medicine hospitalist, and director of the medical observation unit at Penn State/Hershey Medical Center.  He subsequently served as vice chair and site physician training director in emergency medicine for Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, NY and then went on to become chairman and director of emergency medicine for the Health Alliance of Hudson Valley at Kingston Hospital in New York.

More recently – Dr. Khan is a co-founder of CityMD – the nation’s fastest growing urgent care practice, and the largest urgent care practice in the northeast.  As a co-founder, Dr.  Khan served in a medical director role as senior vice president and designed many of the practice parameters for medical quality, operational efficiency, clinical communications, patient follow-up programs, and physician recruitment/ development.  

Dr. Khan has held academic titles at such institutions as Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine, Cornell University Medical School, and the American University of the Caribbean.  He has spent 20 plus years mentoring and teaching fellow physician colleagues, physicians in training, and medical students.  His areas of focus included the intersections between emergency medicine and critical care, clinical reasoning, and the epistemology of medical practice.

During his career on the conventional medicine side – Dr. Khan has been the recipient of various awards for leadership, performance, service, and teaching. He has published and lectured nationally and internationally on topics ranging from the basic and clinical medical sciences to the medical humanities.  

As early on as his medical school days – Dr. Khan has known that there are serious gaps when it comes to the conventional approach to chronic diseases; As both a former history major and from his Indian cultural heritage, he understands that there were, and still are,  other approaches that may be effective in treating and even reversing many chronic disease states.  These approaches differ from the conventional.  The differences exist on many levels: These range from the very paradigms of understanding physiology and sickness, to using different diagnostics or therapies in order to improve or even eliminate the patients’ problematic conditions.  One hundred percent of the time – Dr. Khan’s approach will include an attempt to bring a patients’ endogenous regenerative capacity ‘online.’

Over the past several years – Dr. Khan has been training with some of the leading minds in the field of integrative medicine.  This field assimilates these non-conventional approaches into modern medical practice– so in addition to conventional modalities like pharmaceuticals, certain technologies, and invasive procedures, other modalities may be used to help in finding root causes, deeper diagnoses and effective treatments.  These approaches include orthomolecular medicine (nutrient priming, effective supplementation, metabolic profiling, detoxification strategies, IV therapies), biophysics/bio-field analyses, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy/ acupuncture meridian diagnostics and therapy, ozone therapy, bio-identical hormone balancing, neural therapy, and more.   Dr. Khan’s mentors have successfully learned and continue to learn various approaches outside of the conventional- approaches that have proven effective in helping patients suffering from chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Khan is a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Academy of Emergency Medicine, and The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  He lives on Long Island with his wife and three children.