Full Evaluation

Initial Full Evaluation

Fee: $1850

Time: 2.5-3 Hours

This consists of Dr. Khan taking a careful historical narrative of your various symptom complaints, illnesses, the diagnostic labels that you have been given, and queries about many other current and past factors in your life.  Often patients are surprised by factors which are brought up, since these are not routinely discussed by most physicians – be they conventional or alternative.  Here if you have any prior reports or documentation that you may believe to be relevant – Dr. Khan may review them.

Next, a physical exam is performed using both conventional techniques as well as techniques from other disciplines – including specialized forms of kinesiology, osteopathic assessments, and non-painful bioenergetic measurements using specialized instrumentation; these latter are correlated to what most call acupuncture meridian analysis.  

From the information gathered above – Dr. Khan will suggest and discuss an individualized initial protocol which is aimed at either one or both of the following:

1. Further diagnostic testing which may be essential for recovery

2. Implementing a therapeutic regimen. Such may consist of one or more of either conventional or more integrative/advanced modalities.

Then – within 3- 5 business days a written summary of a suggested initial protocol will be given over to you.   Next – A roughly 30-minute follow-up consultation (phone or face to face visit) to review and clarify the suggestions in the initial protocol will proceed.  The cost of this is included as part of the initial evaluation.

**Note: Should you choose to continue with Dr. Khan’s practice after the initial evaluation – all further fees involved with your protocol will be fully elucidated and discussed with Dr. Khan’s practice director.  

**Note: Some immediate therapies may be offered during the initial evaluation – this depends on the nature of the findings during the examination. If the offered therapies require additional costs, such will be fully discussed PRIOR to implementation.